• Your swimwear (bikini/swimsuit/boardshort) & towel
    you have the possibility to shower after surfing at a "local shower facility" for a small fee
  •  Use strong sun protection / sunscreen
    wear a minimum of SPF 50 at all times, even if it doesn’t look sunny
    we do provide long-sleeved rash guard shirts
  • Bring along your (re-)filled water bottle
    to check if there are any RefillStations close by download this App: www.refillmybottle.com/app
  • Fee for surf trip and some extra cash
    you have the chance to buy some coconuts or snacks at the local warungs (food stalls)
    you can lock your valuables in the car or store them in the board rental shop while surfing. Don't wear any jewelries, sunglasses or watches while surfing. Also we do recommend to leave your most important things locked in your hotel room.
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