Our surf trip packages are group classes with min. 1 and max. 12 participants. To guarantee a safe and efficient learning environment we do always teach with a 2:1 student to instructor ratio. The trips will take about 4 hours in total daily, the time in the water depends on your physical condition however is limited to 2 hours. Most of the spots we surf are semi-reef-breaks, this means we have rocky bottom mixed with sandy sections (nearly all spots in Canggu and nearby are like that, no matter what anyone else says). As we will be on an adventure trip, you will not find a fancy beach club or western sanitary facilities on the location.


We will make sure to choose the best timing for surfing, therefore we can set the time only one to two days in advance. The beginner surf lessons are held in a more shallow inlet close to shore well protected from big waves and strong currents. The important thing is that you know how to swim and you are able to put your head under water for a few seconds. For Kids below 12 years we do recommend to book a private 1:1 package. Surf board rental covers the time of the surf lesson only - if  you bring your own surf board ask for discounted rates.


Not included in our surf trip packages are:

  • Insurance

Baruna Surf Culture does not provide any kind of insurance. We strongly recommend to obtain an international or travel health insurance from your home country or doublecheck what is covered by your existing insurance. Our guides will do their best that nothing happens to you while surfing, but even the bravest wave rider can get a smaller or bigger scratch. We just want to make sure that if this happens, you are able to get the best treatment with least of any worries. Keep your documents / insurance number ready and with you while going on a surf trip.


  • Breakage or loss of surfboard or other gear

We are not liable for any damages or loss of any equipment (e.g. surf board, personal belongings on beach or in the car etc.) while on our surfing trips. We do recommend to leave your most important valuables in your hotel room (don’t wear any jewelries, sunglasses or watches while surfing). It’s also well worth to check with your (travel) insurance what’s included in the unlucky event of any loss or breakage of anything you use/rent/own.


  •  Food & Drinks

Mostly we will surf on a beach where you get the chance to order something small to eat & drink from the local warungs (food stalls).  There is nearly always an option to get some bananas and fresh coconuts, best goodies for pre- and post-surf sessions!


  • Pick-up from other areas than Canggu

Contact us if you're not sure whether your place is in or out of our pick-up zone

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